Spirit Point Acupuncture: Where East Meets West

Last year, scientists discovered a new organ called the interstitium. It was big news.

We connective tissue specialists have known for a long time what scientists actually haven’t yet figured out: the interstitium is actually not an organ. It’s technically a system, which is a term that describes a group of organs that act in concert. Translation: it is big and important stuff.

This is only my first blog post though, so I am not going to overwhelm you all about the importance of this incredible system. But I will tell you it rules every aspect of your health and it is the key to longevity.

For now I’ll keep it simple. Fascia is mostly fluid. It has no beginning and no end — it is a continuous web. It wraps around everything: every muscle, every bone, organ and even cell of your body.

And the meridians of acupuncture are found in its microtubules. More on what that means in our next blog post.

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